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Learning how to Swim in the Deep Waters of a Relationship

Finding a new relationship after a divorce or a break-up is often a wonderful addition to our lives. But, in starting any new relationship, there are inevitable deep waters that we encounter and there are commo...

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What is relationship cycling? Plus, how to avoid it

Debra Alper interview by Jackie Pilossoph / Oct. 9, 2018 / 11:48 AM CDT / Source: TODAY   Love. Disappoint. Fight. Break up. Miss each other. Get back together. Repeat. Those are the ba...

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The Power of Love

What is it about finding and keeping love that seems so elusive for some of us? You hear about the divorce rate being at an all-time high- especially for people over 50 who are becoming empty nesters and losing...

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How to “Win” in Your Relationship Without Ever “Winning” an Argument

People like to feel that they are “right”.  How many times have you felt that your partner wasn’t listening, or just didn’t get your point of view. This feeling of not being heard, and you feeling that...

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Be the Change You Are So Desiring in Your Partner

It is easy to tell our partners the many ways in which they are not getting it right. It’s easy to point out their faults and to bemoan the fact that if only they could do (fill in the blank), life would feel...

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The 6 Best Things You Can Do For Your Relationship

Most of us have heard of the concept of looking at our relationship with our partner as a garden that we plant and tend. The concept being that as with a garden, we plant the seeds of our relationship with anot...

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