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During the course of the year, when interest dictates, I will run small group sessions for clients that want additional support with people that “get” what they are struggling with. These groups in the past have included a group for newly divorced women, struggling with issues around co-parenting, their relationships with their ex, navigating a new financial world, beginning to date and the feelings involved in that for them and how it effects their children.

I also run groups for women with adolescent daughters as a way of normalizing the experience of being a mom to a sometimes challenging developmental age. As mothers, we naturally protect our daughters, and a confidential, supportive group of women experiencing some of the same touchstones helps to give us perspective into what we may be going through with our teenage daughters.

If you have a particular group in mind and it is in an area that I am familiar in dealing with, I am also available to run your group. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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