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Carol Dishell, LCSW

I have been a practicing therapist for 32 years and have known Debra for almost 15 years. We have shared consultation and referrals. I find Debra to be an approachable, warm, insightful, interactive therapist who has much success in helping her clients who are stuck in relational problems. She also has tremendous insight into the process involved in divorce and works very effectively with clients needing help and support before, during and after their divorce.

Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling

I am a journalist who has interviewed Debra several times on the subjects of love, relationships and divorce for articles I’ve written. Debra is one of the most knowledgeable therapists I know, and communicates in a very relatable, warm and caring way. I would highly recommend her, based on the smart, thoughtful, advice she has offered to my audience.

Marcelle (Marcy) Kott, Berger Schatz, Principal

Debra Alper is a compassionate, insightful therapist who has extensive knowledge in both working with couples and individuals struggling with the stressful and emotionally difficult divorce process. She understands the emotional issues involved in the decision to divorce, the often, destabilizing emotional challenges involved in the process itself, as well as the work involved in creating a post-divorce life. I would recommend her to any one going thru a divorce needing support, clarity and closure.

Noelle McWard, LCSW

I have known Debra professionally for many years and have participated in a consultation group with her, which has allowed me to know well her skills in working with clients. Debra is an engaged, warm, compassionate and skilled therapist who is able to offer insight, guidance, support, tools and strategies to help her clients navigate whatever issues and circumstances have brought them to therapy. I have referred both individual clients and couples to Debra, including personal friends and have always received glowing feedback about her.


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